Do you need a Macbook to visit Starbucks?

A hilarious encounter of my sister’s first visit to Starbucks

Jyoti Dhiman
3 min readFeb 16, 2022


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How will you define the typical surroundings of Starbucks?

Mellow music, coffee beans fragrance and people working on their laptops, catching up with friends, or just posting pictures of the Starbucks mug on Instagram and providing them with free advertising(P.S. This article is not endorsed by either Apple or Starbucks :P)

I myself have given some interviews or taken some “WFH” meetings from the famous coffee shop. But never gave much thought about the surroundings though, just accepted it as is.

So, this is a story of my last visit to Starbucks with my sister. She is a university student, pretty smart, and very observant. One evening while having tea she was showing me someone’s Starbucks Instagram post and how she has never visited one.

Me being an overly nice big sister made plans to take her out to coffee and the very next weekend, we(I, my sister, and my brother) got dressed up nicely and went for a drive to nearby Starbucks(Okay Jyoti stop saying Starbucks so much!).

Reaching there we sanitized our hands, grabbed three cups of coffee, and sat down. It was a typical Friday evening in the shop, mellow music, the smell of good coffee, and the sound of conversations and then, my sister said to me

“How come everyone has a Macbook here?”

We(my brother & I) looked around and almost every table had a Macbook and folks were working on it, maybe some giving pitches, maybe some programmer approaching deadline, and on seeing this, we immediately thought of pranking her.

We replied, yeah. You need a MacBook to enter Starbucks else they don’t allow you to.

Then she asked us, how come they allowed us? Because we certainly are not carrying one? And we told her it’s not just Macbook, any Apple product would do. Since we had an iPhone and I showed it at the entrance, they allowed us in(I know, I know pretty evil okay? but we were in a fun mood)

We even showed her this (fake) article to sound convincing. As she started getting convinced(well the surroundings helped), we told her that if you go there to buy something, they double-check else they kick you out. So next time, if you plan to visit with your friends, just bring something borrow my iPhone cable and bring it with you.

While telling her all these evil things, I noticed we forgot the straw for our cold coffee and requested her to bring it from the counter and to take the iPhone because you need to display it(:P)

Guess what happened next?

She went to this super sweet barista, kept on showing her the iPhone, and asked for the straw. Let’s be honest, with masks only half of what is said is understood and if someone is flashing a phone in front of you for no reason and saying something, it is bound to be confusing. Poor barista, could not understand what my sister was saying!

We were just watching and laughing, and eventually, she said

Here is an iPhone, can you please give me a straw?

Ohh, man! You had to be there!! It was pretty fun. So in the end, she did bring the straw and realized we were pranking her and did not talk to us for the whole ride back(obviously). Well, that’s the whole story! Don’t try this with innocent kids(or do).

Moral of the story:

Don’t trust everything you see, sometimes things are just a co-incidence :)

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